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Agents Bexey And Tyler Fail To Arrest Jess West by Zoe-Gun-Girl
Agents Bexey And Tyler Fail To Arrest Jess West
Jess West made a lot of money selling drugs on her college campus.  Everything was fine until some college students started dying from a bad batch of drugs.  Agents Bexey and Tyler were assigned to the case. 

Agents Bexey and Tyler were two of the best cops on the force.  Agent Tyler was the taller of the two partners with dark brown hair.  Agent Bexey was the shorter one with dark black hair.

The agents usually wore the standard white button down shirt and black skirt and heels to work but today Agent Tyler was the one going under cover.  So Agent Tyler dressed like a college girl going to a club.  She wore a tight white speghetti-strap tank top with a tight blue and white striped mini shirt.  Agent Bexey was still dressed in her normal stiff agent attire.  Agent Bexey teased Agent Tyler about how slutty she looked undercover.  Agent Tyler didn't like her outfit but she knew she had to look the part to find out who was selling the bad drugs on campus. 

Agent Tyler wore a wire hidden in her strapless bra.  Agent Bexey was in the surveillance van recording all the conversations Agent Tyler was having with college students.  Agent Tyler went to all the hot night clubs near the campus and tried to buy as many party drugs as she could. Finally Agent Tyler was able to sweet talk a horny drug dealer into giving up the name of his source.  The dealer wanted sex in exchange for information. So Agent Tyler lured him out behind the club.  The dealer started getting aggressive and pulled Agent Tyler's tank top and skirt up and started kissing on her and groping Agent Tyler's ass and boobs when he discovered the wire in Agent Tyler's bra.

"You're a COP!?!" the dealer yelled out.

Just then Agent Tyler kneed him right in the groin. Agent Bexey came up from behind and cuffed the dealer's hands behind his back. Agent Tyler covered his mouth as the two agents hauled the dealer in their surveillance van and drove off.  The agents agreed not to arrest the dealer who had a TON of illegal party drugs on him if he would give up his source. The dealer gave in and told the agents that his source was a girl named Jess West who lived at 123 Campus Drive.  

It was almost 5:00am.  The agents decided they would raid Jess West's house at 6:00am when the sun came up.  In the meantime the dealer was left cuffed and gagged with coils of duct tape around his mouth and head to keep him from warning Jess West. 

At 6:00am Agent Bexey and Tyler broke into Jess West's house and hoped to find her and the drugs.  Jess West was no where to be found. So the agents started looking through her home to try and find any drugs. The whole house was empty until the agents finally got to the kitchen.  The agents were so excited when they found a huge stash of the illegal drugs in the kitchen drawers that they did not notice Jess West sneak back into her house through a back window. 

Jess West did not come unarmed. Jess had a loaded gun and walked up right behind the agents. Both Agent Bexey and Tyler had their guns drawn but their attention was on the drugs in the kitchen. 

"FREEZE! DON'T MOVE" Jess yelled out. 

Agent Bexey and Tyler felt a cold chill go down their spines. They spun their heads around to see none other than Jess West holding a loaded gun right at them. 

"DROP your guns!" the little college girl barked to the two agents. 

"Take it easy. Let's talk about this. We are federal agents doing an investigation and.." Agent Bexey tried to explain. 


"Right now I need to get all my drugs and money and get out of here.  So you two bitches are NOT going anywhere!  I can either shoot and kill both of you sluts RIGHT FUCKING NOW or you can cooperate and drop your guns and I can tie you up so I can pack my things and leave" Jess curtly informed the agents.

"Tie us up? I don't think so hunny. Do you know who we are?" Agent Tyler asked with some attitude.

"Look you overweight, old dumb slut, I am the one with the gun pointed on you. You will either have a bullet in your head or I will start tying you and your partner up in 10 seconds. Which is it going to be? You have 10 seconds to decide. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3..." Jess barked back. 

"Ok, Okay, we are putting down the guns" Agent Bexey said as she gave Agent Tyler a look to make sure she also put down her gun. 

"Now put your hands up and walk away from the counter" Jess demanded.

Agent Bexey and Tyler did as they were told and soon the little slender college girl had the two tough agents at gun point with their hands in the air. 

"One of you bitches is wearing a wire, right? Are there more of you outside in that van down the block?" Jess asked.

"No, it is just us. I promise.  You need to turn yourself in. You are in big trouble. If you turn yourself in now, Agent Tyler and I will help you get a reduced sentence. You are young, you have your whole life ahead of yo..." Agent Bexey tried to reason with Jess.

"SHUT UP! I'm not turning myself in. You're the two idiots being held at gunpoint!  I know one of you bitches has a wire on. It's probably you, the stuck up one in the suit. Let's go, lose the suit. And you, the slutty one, take off your little ho outfit. I want to know for sure that you don't have a wire or some hidden way to radio for backup.  Let's go! STRIP!" Jess yelled out to the agents. 

Agent Bexey and Tyler looked at each other in horror. 

"NO, we are not taking off our clothes.  This has gone far enough. You don't need our clothe..." Agent Tyler replied.

BANG! BANG! - Jess fired two shots just above Agent Bexey and Tyler's head. 

"Take off your FUCKING clothes now, or the next two shots are going straight into your foreheads! Either we have two agents standing in my fucking kitchen in their bra and panties or we have two dead agents on my kitchen floor.  You better make up your mind in the next 10 seconds! 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3..." Jess barked back.

The tactic worked. Both agents started removing their clothes.  Agent Tyler pulled her shirt down revealing her white cotton panties. Agent Bexey started to unbutton her white dress shirt to reveal a Victoria Secret's black push-up bra cupping Agent Bexey's large breasts.  Agent Bexey unhooked the clasp at the back of her black skirt and bent over to let her stiff black shirt fall to the floor and expose her matching Victoria Secret's black panties.  Agent Bexey modestly tried to cover her breasts and panties with one hand each.

Agent Tyler stood with her hands on her hips in just her tight white speghetti-strap tank top and her white panties.  

"There is that good enough" Agent Tyler asked with some attitude.

"You, the mouthy one. YOU must be the bitch wearing the wire! Take your top off NOW. I'm SO NOT FUCKING around with you!" Jess barked at Agent Tyler.

"And you in the fancy black undies, put your hands behind your head!" Jess yelled out to Agent Bexey.

Agent Bexey immediately stopped covering herself and put her hands behind her head.  Agent Tyler reluctantly removed her white tank top to reveal a white strapless bra. 

Soon Jess had two female agents standing in her kitchen floor in nothing but their bra and panties with their hands behind their head. 

"I can't believe neither of you two bitches are wearing a wire.  I know you pigs can't be trusted. Take off your bras NOW!"

"You don't need our bras! You are violating two officers of the law! Do you know how much time you'll get for this!" Agent Tyler protested as she covered her chest with her arms.

"I don't care if I have to kill you bitches. In 10 seconds I will either have two topless cops in nothing but their panties in my kitchen or else I will have two dead cops. Understand bitch? 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3..." Jess yelled.

Agent Bexey was the first to unfasten her black 
Victoria Secret's push-up bra exposing her large breasts as well as a backup handcuff key, a small knife and a GPS tracking chip.  Agent Tyler glared at Jess with a look that could kill and yanked at the clasp that held her bra together in the front revealing her perky breasts and the hidden wire. 

"Are you fucking kidding me? You bitches had everything hidden in your bras? THIS is why I forced you bitches to strip. You, the one in the black panties, grab that sack on the counter and put all of your clothes, bras, handcuff keys, GPS tracking and wires and shit into that bag." Jess commanded.

Agent Bexey reluctantly packed all of their clothes and things into the the sack and handed it to Jess. 

"Now tie that sack and put it on top of the fridge. Then grab that brown leather bag on top of the fridge and bring the brown leather bag to me. I have a surprise for you two nosy bitches" Jess ordered out to Bexey. 

Agent Bexey did as she was told. Once Jess had the brown leather bag she opened it up and took out two ballgags and some zipties and black duct tape.

"I don't need either of you bitches talking back to me so here you in the black panties, take this red ball gag and gag yourself. And you, the mouthy bitch in the white panties, take this white ballgag and gag yourself." Jess ordered as she tossed each agent a ballgag.

Soon the agents were both ball-gagged and silent.  Jess made the two agents load her car with her drugs and bags of money in nothing but their panties while ballgagged,

Then Jess made the two agents stand face-to-face.  Jess ziptied their wrists and ankles and then wrapped black duct tape over their ziptied wrists and ankles.  Then Jess wrapped black duct tape around their torsos so the two agents were tied up to each other and forced to rub their breasts against each other as they struggled to get free.

Jess left and was never seen again leaving the two agents to struggle until they were discovered 8 hours later.


I want to network with other people that have the same fetish as I do. Please contact me with artwork and ideas so we can continue to create and share together!


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