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Kinky Cat Burglar Strikes Again! by Zoe-Gun-Girl
Kinky Cat Burglar Strikes Again!
Guards Anissa and Kourtney were chloroformed, restrained and interrogated by a sexy Catburglar until they gave up the access code!
Pistol Whipped and Robbed by Zoe-Gun-Girl
Pistol Whipped and Robbed
Angelica Sage raised her head.  The room was blurry and all she could see was stars.  It took a few seconds for the room to stop spinning.  Angelica felt a cold draft. She looked down and realized she had been stripped completely naked. 

Angelica tried to move but she discovered that someone had roughly tied her wrists to her bound ankles so she could not sit up. Angelica felt like she was trussed up like one of those pigs she saw on cowboy shows.  Her arms were bound tightly to her torso with ropes expertly wrapped around her chest. 

Angelica tried to scream for help when she realized that she had a large plastic ball jammed and locked into her mouth!

"MMMMPPHHURGHMMF!!" was all Angelica could mutter. 

The last thing Angelica remembered she was walking downstairs in her nightie to try and reach her gun in her desk drawer. Angelica thought she heard someone rummaging through her downstairs office.  Now Angelica knew she was right about the intruder.  

Just then an attractive dirty blonde woman with her hair tied up in a bun walked around the corner with a gun in her hand. 

"Oh, I see you woke up from your little nap.  Sorry for that little bump on your head. You must be in a lot of pain from the pistol whip and having those harsh ropes cut into your naked flesh for the last hour. I bet your wrists and ankles are starting to hurt or go numb huh?" The woman asked in an english accent as she kneeled down next to Angelica and caressed Angelica's arms and legs. 

Angelica nodded in agreement and tried to stop drooling but with the ball-gag jammed so deep in her mouth she could not help herself.

"Do you know why I tied you up so tight and stripped you naked? Because I need some information from you and I am prepared to do ANYTHING to get what I need from you" The intruder said as she moved one of her hands down to Angelica's exposed pussy and slipped two fingers in just the right spot. 

"Mooomph! Ummmphhf!" Angelica moaned into her ball-gag in both horror and excitement. Angelica began to get aroused against her will as the intruder worked on the same spot. 

Angelica started to feel like she might climax when the woman suddenly stopped and grabbed her throat and yelled
"WHERE IS THE KEY!?!!?!!" 

Angelica instinctively looked over at an empty vase across the room in the back corner. 

Then Angelica cringed as she realized her mistake. 

"Ahhhh...sneaky little bitch aren't we?" The intruder mockingly said as she flipped Angelica on her stomach and slapped her on her ass. 

Angelica rolled over and helplessly watched the intruder walk over to the vase and turn it upside down to obtain the key to her hidden safe behind her Van Gogh painting. 

"URGMFF MPHHFF!!" Angelica yelled into her gag. 

Angelica was a diamond dealer and had recently received a large and expensive shipment of very rare diamonds for a very important client. 

Angelica thrashed around like a fish out of water and almost gave herself a seizure as she watched the intruder open her safe and steal all her diamonds. 

"URGMMFF!! NOOMMPH! MMMMMPPHH!!!" Angelica screamed into her gag to no avail. 

Before the intruder left she walked and stood over Angelica.  Angelica had finally stopped thrashing around to catch her breath. Angelica was on her stomach in a hot and sweaty mess.

"I always finish EVERY job I start" the intruder said with an evil smile.  The intruder used her foot to force Angelica to roll over on her back.

The intruder bent down over the bound, gagged and sweaty woman and slid her fingers back inside Angelica at just the right angle and at just the right spot.

Angelica was embarrassed at how easily she came at the hands of the evil intruder that she hated SO MUCH!!!

Angelica had multiple orgasms against her will at the hands of the evil intruder. 

Angelica was only semi-conscious when looked up and could barely make out the figure of the female intruder as she slipped away into the night with all of Angelica's expensive diamonds. 

Angelica drifted into sleep and was eventually woken up her sales partner in the morning who came to check on Angelica when she was late to the big meeting with the diamond buyers. 

Angelica's sales partner cut her free and called the cops and rushed Angelica to the hospital but Angelica did not have any long-term nerve damage.  The evil english intruder must have known her ropes very well to avoid causing permanent damage to Angelica since she was tied up for over 12 hours. 

Angelica was chastised by the big time diamond buyer for not having enough security at home and she lost a REALLY important account!

Angelica was extremely upset about the robbery but also secretly very turned on by the idea of being bound, gagged and forced to orgasm.  So Angelica did what any naughty girl would do, she went out and got some more rare and expensive diamonds and waited for the evil intruder to come back!

I want to network with other people that have the same fetish as I do. Please contact me with artwork and ideas so we can continue to create and share together!


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