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October 8, 2013
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(Contains: nudity and ideologically sensitive material)
Part 1:…

Part 2:…

It was the most humiliating day of my career. Eight years I have been with the agency and I have always caught my man. I was up for promotion when this happened. I was outsmarted by a infamous female cat burglar.

The female cat burglar wore an all body black latex suit with a black mask covering her face. Her body was thin and almost perfect with a big round ass and big breasts. She was pretty muscular for a woman but not bulky. She was an expert in Parkour, the technique of climbing walls. Anywho, she had perched her body up against the crevice of the high ceilings of the expensive home she was robbing. I entered the home looking for her. As I was searching with my gun drawn she came down on me and tackled me and knocked my gun out of my hand. She was able to grab my gun as I was still getting up and now I was in the cat burglar's clutches!

The cat burglar held me at gun point with my OWN gun! She was in control now. The cat burglar ordered me to strip out of my designer business suit down to my bra and panties. This cat burglar always strips her victims down to her bra and panties before leaving her victims tightly bound and ball-gagged. I knew this because I had read her file.

It was so humiliating taking my clothes off in front of this crazy criminal psychopath. I knew what was coming next and I was helpless to stop it. I was going to be bound and ball-gagged like all the other victims of this burglar bitch! The cat burglar was already pulling her coils of white rope of of the bag. I tried to reason with her and plead to at least keep some of my clothes on, but the cat burglar was merciless. Soon I was standing in front of this cat burglar with nothing but my lacy yellow bra and panties. I tried to cover myself with my hands but it did no good.

I had interviewed some of her most recent victims and they all said the bondage was very tight and there was no way to escape or scream for help. I arrogantly thought that they were just weak and if I was tied up by this cat burglar I could escape. I found out how wrong I was once the cat burglar got her ropes on me!

The cat burglar ordered me to face the wall and put my hands behind my back. I could feel the cat burglar walk very close to me and then I felt the cold steel of my gun pressed up against my back. Oe move and I'd get a bullet in the back. With the cat burglar's other hand she expertly cinched a ziptie around my wrists. So that was her trick! Then the ropes came on top of my zip-tied wrists. As the ropes pressed the zipties deeper into my wrists I cringed and let out a series of expletives and complaints. I was not going to be able to get free from my restraints and the cold fear of defeat swept over me.

I panicked and spun around to try and kick the gun out of the burglar's hands with my legs while they were still free. I had trained in many different martial arts and I was tougher than I looked. But the cat burglar expertly moved out of the way and then pressed her body up against mine sending me crashing back into the wall with a thud. As she did this the cat burglar jammed a big black ball-gag into my mouth and secured it in place. Now I could barely make a noise.

The Cat burglar bound my silky strong thighs right above my knee and then my ankles. Yup! I was completely helpless and NOT going anywhere. Now I knew how helpless her other victims must have felt.

Then the cat burglar shoved me up against the wall with her left hand by grabbing my throat and started choking me! But she allowed just enough air through so I did not pass out. It was tough to breathe with the ball-gag in my mouth and this bitch's hands around my throat.

With her other hand she slid them down my panties and started finger banging me. At first I was in shock and horror. I've never been with a woman and most men don't know how to finger a woman properly. But I was completely helpless and I was at the cat burglar's mercy. Was she going to kill me or just rape me?

This cat burglar was not going to murder me but she did murder my wet pussy. OH my gawd, she made me cum 10 - 13 times. After awhile it actually started to hurt but my body was in her completely control and I would uncontrollably shake every time she made me cum.

This finger rape was not reported by any of the other victims. Was I the only one?
The cat burglar whispered into my ear that she did this to all her victims. I believed her. What woman would report this humiliating finger banging at the hands of another woman? Plus they all probably secretly enjoyed it as much as I did.

I rolled around on the floor twisting and turning my bound body every way I could but the ropes and the zipties underneath the ropes lashing by wrists, ankles and thighs together would not budge. If I could only find some way to cut myself free I could still arrest this cat burglar and save the day. But there was no escape.

I had to watch the cat burglar finish up robbing the place while being helpless to stop her. Then the bitch took my red business suit, my badge, gun and keys to my cop car. I was totally fucked!

I kept struggling because I can be very stubborn. I kept thinking I might be able to get free and avoid the humiliation of being discovered by my agency bound and gagged in my underwear.

Could I get free and start tracking down the cat burglar before she got too far away or would I be discovered bound, humiliated and defeated?

Find out in Part 2:…
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xenon77mc Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2015
What a woman! Wish she was tied up on MY couch.
proverbsjohn Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2014
The detective let her guard down and got caught by the catburger
GavinMichelli Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Who is this woman?! I need more of her in my life!
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Could have at least punched her lights out first !!
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AngrySoup Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2013
It's funny how much difference a day can make in our hopes and expectations.

At the start of the day, this proud federal agent was probably hoping to catch the criminal and come in a hero, confident that she'd be promoted soon. By the end of the day, she was probably just grateful that the cat burglar was merciful enough to leave her her bra and panties, and hopful that someone will find her before she's forced to piss herself!
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